Day 3 and 4 : Favorite monster and Favorite mini boss

porings angeling deviling mastering, they’re all my life and all my childhood

porings porings porings

Day 2 : First character ever made (as far back as you can remember)

My first character was a mage named Bluesnow, on fRO the french official server 4 or 5 years ago (which is euRO now), I remember that I used all the free kafra tansportation tickets, and that I saved at Umbala because I thought I needed to save before closing the game LOL

I delete her and remade this character again lol

Day 1 : Draw yourself as an RO class/NPC

I choose acolyte because it’s one of the class in which you have the whole body covered with clothes lol, because I love magic classes and supporting, the sad thing is when you’re running out of sp while healing or heal bombing( and you can’t regen because you carry too much items lol )

Day 2: First Character Ever Made

After a long hiatus here it FINALLY IS. LOL. This character has been remade thank god, but her original name was Kurai. Hurhurhur. Made back when RO was still FREE and in testing still! I had no idea how to stat her so she had pretty even stats all around… So terrible…  A HUNTER WITH STR, THAT’S COOL RIGHT?! At least she could still kick ass with a dagger… I guess… No not really… 

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#1 - Day 1: Draw Yourself as an RO Class/NPC

I know it’s not really good (I suck at drawing~), but I’d be a acolyte. It’s my favorite class and I love to support people also I don’t like fighting. :)

Ragnarok Online 30 Day Challenge - Day 4

Favorite Mini boss - ok here’s my favorite mini boss. the Dolor of Thanatos. because.. it’s FAT. and reminds me of cubone somehow. plus I even have it’s headgear (drooping dolor) several years ago! it’s just so adorable.

Ragnarok Online 30 Day Art Challenge - Day 3

Favorite Monster - okay, i can’t draw just one. I love all the ragnarok monsters (for being beautifully designed and animated) but these two takes the lead. succubus is my first favorite. when gravity patched the new map, pouring wins my heart. making a liquid inside a bubble like exterior is pretty challenging.

Ragnarok Online 30 day Art Challenge - Day 2

First character ever made. well, I made this back in 6th grade when RO got released in my country. yes, I paid to play. actually several times my friend paid it for me to accompany her. her name is kiria, the arrow shower archer because she loves arrow showers. maxed it first because she thinks defeating mobs is better and quicker than 1vs1. apparently I discarded her and made an acolyte due to the many deaths I suffered (duh). the sakkat was my prized possession because I bought it with the little money I had despite the need to buy arrows.

Ragnarok Online 30 day Art Challenge - Day 1

draw myself as an RO class/NPC. basically, I’ll be anything on the merchant tree because one thing I love in MMOs are vending. blacksmiths are too macho and sexy for me, I’m not even THAT strong. so I choose the creator. I love acid bombs and pets that can fight. totally the class for me.

Ragnarok Online 30 Day Art Challenge

4. Favorite mini-boss

Cat-o-nine tails